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Things I do in The Car That I Hope My Insurance Company Never Find Out About

I’m not saying I’m a bad driver. I’m just saying I spent a very long time Googling ‘very cheap car insurance no deposit’ to find a low quote. And I would prefer to keep my insurer onside so that I can keep it.

But I’m going to go ahead and admit to a tonne of stuff I shouldn’t admit to anyway.

Sometimes, when I’m late to an appointment (which is every appointment ever). I use my driving time to do my hair and/or makeup.

If I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time between engagements, I eat my meals while I’m driving too.

Occasionally, if I’m exhausted and I have a long drive home. I’ll just drink all of the red bulls and plough through even though I can barely keep my eyes open, I know it’s really dangerous. And there are signs all down the motorway that say ‘don’t drive tired’. Because I don’t want a nap. I want to pass out for like a straight 16 hours and I can’t do that at a service station.

I frequently sing and dance really really energetically while behind the wheel. To the point that it may or may not affect my driving ability.

I often drive to places and have no memory of how I got there. I just sort of regain consciousness when I have to get out of the car. That’s probably not safe either.

I’ve memorised where all of the active speed cameras are in my city so that I know the exact 10 metres I have to slow down and drive the speed limit for.

Sometimes I pay so much attention to my satnav that I don’t look at the road. At all. 

Anyway in the end I found who has the cheapest auto insurance rates in my city, you’ll never guess who. It was my current company lol!