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Full Coverage Auto Insurance – Why it rocks

Car insurance can be expensive but it’s something that you must have. Most people commute to work and have to drive as a necessity and thus have to purchase car insurance in order to obey the law.

These monthly payments can hit the wallet hard so many people opt for the absolute cheapest auto insurance they can find. Such insurance normally provides poor coverage and high excess payments. They might save themselves a little bit of money but they essentially end up driving a ticking time bomb.

Unfortunately, over your lifetime it’s very likely that you’ll be involved in some kind of vehicular incident. If you’re the one driving and you cause an accident, it’s on you. If you’ve been scrimping on the coverage to save insurance money then you can really be screwed. Any damages that aren’t covered by your insurance will have to come out of your pocket. That money you thought you saved is nothing compared to the kind of bills you’ll be paying if you smash into another car and don’t have the insurance to cover you.

That’s why I feel it’s always worth paying whatever it costs for the best full coverage auto insurance you can find. It’s worth paying that little bit more to make sure you that you’re safe and secure in any scenario.

Driving around knowing that I’m fully covered gives me the peace of mind that I’m safe. If I only had to bare minimum insurance, there would always be that niggling voice in the back of my mind telling me how much trouble I would be in if there was a crash. I don’t want that life of anxiety and uneasiness. To me, that peace of mind is definitely worth the price, unlike people who drive no deposit car insurance and have to worry about everything!

But the real dirty truth is, I don’t even pay that much for full coverage auto insurance. I pay a little bit more, but not much more. I pay a couple more dollars a month and go from no coverage to full coverage. It’s a no brainer. These days you can have top service without paying top dollar and I just don’t know why most people don’t take advantage of this.

So don’t be stupid. Make sure you’re fully covered.

Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

My daughter just obtained her drivers license last week and she is eager to drive everywhere now. I should point out that she’s been driving for quite some time and does quite well but we need to find her a car of her own. Our biggest dilemma is finding good insurance rates for her, because we don’t want to take on too much more in debt. I would like to know who has the cheapest auto insurance rates for young drivers.

This is a question that often comes up at our dinner table. We initially assumed that we could add her to our current policy without experiencing too much of a price increase. Once we reached out to the agent, we weren’t so sure we were getting a good quote. The rise in our coverage cost was a bit steep and not exactly what we are prepared to pay. The adjustment is one that we anticipated but at a reasonable rate. My older brother suggested that we speak with a few other companies to see if switching the entire policy would be worth the hassle. In my opinion, if it saves us money, it’s not a hassle.

This is something that we look forward to doing sooner than later because baby girl has grown anxious and really wants to drive her own car. Honestly, my wife is about tired of sharing hers and wishes we could reach some sort of a decision real soon. She has even offered to pick up a few extra shifts at work and this is something she never wants to do. I feel that my only option is to find a reasonably priced policy that covers my daughter and the original drivers. It makes no sense to have a car that you can’t drive. This is not a case where we simply can’t afford the insurance. If that were the case, we would not buy her a car. However, we are knowledgeable when it involves finances and hate to pay more than we must for anything. We are planners and have lived a pretty good life by being this way.

Baby girl will have her own keys real soon because both her parents are working diligently to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance rates for young drivers. With our outstanding driving record, we should be able to find quality and affordable coverage within a few days.

Things I do in The Car That I Hope My Insurance Company Never Find Out About

I’m not saying I’m a bad driver. I’m just saying I spent a very long time Googling ‘very cheap car insurance no deposit’ to find a low quote. And I would prefer to keep my insurer onside so that I can keep it.

But I’m going to go ahead and admit to a tonne of stuff I shouldn’t admit to anyway.

Sometimes, when I’m late to an appointment (which is every appointment ever). I use my driving time to do my hair and/or makeup.

If I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time between engagements, I eat my meals while I’m driving too.

Occasionally, if I’m exhausted and I have a long drive home. I’ll just drink all of the red bulls and plough through even though I can barely keep my eyes open, I know it’s really dangerous. And there are signs all down the motorway that say ‘don’t drive tired’. Because I don’t want a nap. I want to pass out for like a straight 16 hours and I can’t do that at a service station.

I frequently sing and dance really really energetically while behind the wheel. To the point that it may or may not affect my driving ability.

I often drive to places and have no memory of how I got there. I just sort of regain consciousness when I have to get out of the car. That’s probably not safe either.

I’ve memorised where all of the active speed cameras are in my city so that I know the exact 10 metres I have to slow down and drive the speed limit for.

Sometimes I pay so much attention to my satnav that I don’t look at the road. At all. 

Anyway in the end I found who has the cheapest auto insurance rates in my city, you’ll never guess who. It was my current company lol!