Things I do in The Car That I Hope My Insurance Company Never Find Out About

I’m not saying I’m a bad driver. I’m just saying I spent a very long time Googling ‘very cheap car insurance no deposit’ to find a low quote. And I would prefer to keep my insurer onside so that I can keep it.

But I’m going to go ahead and admit to a tonne of stuff I shouldn’t admit to anyway.

Sometimes, when I’m late to an appointment (which is every appointment ever). I use my driving time to do my hair and/or makeup.

If I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time between engagements, I eat my meals while I’m driving too.

Occasionally, if I’m exhausted and I have a long drive home. I’ll just drink all of the red bulls and plough through even though I can barely keep my eyes open, I know it’s really dangerous. And there are signs all down the motorway that say ‘don’t drive tired’. Because I don’t want a nap. I want to pass out for like a straight 16 hours and I can’t do that at a service station.

I frequently sing and dance really really energetically while behind the wheel. To the point that it may or may not affect my driving ability.

I often drive to places and have no memory of how I got there. I just sort of regain consciousness when I have to get out of the car. That’s probably not safe either.

I’ve memorised where all of the active speed cameras are in my city so that I know the exact 10 metres I have to slow down and drive the speed limit for.

Sometimes I pay so much attention to my satnav that I don’t look at the road. At all. 

Anyway in the end I found who has the cheapest auto insurance rates in my city, you’ll never guess who. It was my current company lol!

I wanted to share something private and embarrassing with you guy’s. I debated hard about this, but I know a lot of people are going through economic trouble out there not just me. People that get payday loans are really stigmatized by society, and I want to change that. So it starts with me.

Recently, I had the unfortunate need to go out and get myself a loan. You know, so that I wouldn’t end up on the streets and all that. So off I went to the bank. Clearly I’m not their ideal candidate because I was immediately laughed off of the premises.

This lead me to Google ‘loans place near me’ ( Where I found this site: It bought up a tonne of results, most of them offering fast approval online. Since I was slightly scarred from my earlier humiliation at the bank, I was thankful for the opportunity to hide behind a computer screen.

All they needed was proof of income, bank account, and identity. Which is not a lot of information. And actually not proof that you will be able to pay the loan back at all. So if you’re thinking of taking out a payday loan, bear in mind that they will probably approve you even if there’s no chance you’ll be able to afford to repay. So, that is your responsibility.

Throughout the application, I immediately ignored the warnings plastered all over the website about how much financial trouble I could find myself in if I fell behind on repayments. And glimpsed at the series of confusing yet suspiciously high-sounding numbers regarding interest rates and fees that were thrown my way.

After I had sat and been through the motions,  I did what any responsible adult does when faced with that little question ‘do you agree to all of the terms and conditions’, and clicked yes without a second thought. I just needed the money. The less I thought about how much it was costing me the better.

Later that day I received the magic email. The one that said I had been approved for the amount I applied for. From then it took just one day for the money to appear in my account like an early birthday present. So quick and easy.

When it came to repayment the bank simply took the money plus additional fees from my account a few weeks later when I got paid.  It was definitely more painless than trying to get approved for a bank loan. But you, know suspiciously painless. Something about being handed cash with such few assurances that you can afford to pay it back just doesn’t sit right with me. Payday loans should definitely be handled with care.